Rozenko has assured that the reason for the growth of utility tariffs

Розенко заверил, что оснований для роста коммунальных тарифов нет

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 16.02.2017

Grounds for growth of prices on public utilities in Ukraine. This was in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko.

“Still today I see no reason to utility bills or pay for gas in 2017 growing. What it means: this figure gas prices today are fixed. And that the rise in gas prices this year, I hope, will not happen. At least the decision of the government fixed the price of gas, if I’m not mistaken, October 1, at the level of UAH 6870. That is, during the last years of the last heating season. Today there is no reason to increase any of the prices for gas for the population, nor the increase of housing and communal services”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

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Rozenko added that it would be a classic price of gas and will be the second price for the supply. “This, in my view, absolutely will not lead to an increase in payroll, nor to the increase of housing and communal services. It will simply be two different payment. I can take criticism on the fact that, unfortunately, the relevant authorities, who take such decisions, can’t society just such things to explain the situation,” he said.

Earlier Rozenko admitted that the blockade of the occupied Donbas can worsen economic performance and lead to growth of tariffs for housing and communal services.

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