Rozenko: Reasons for the increase in tariffs utility services no

Розенко: Оснований для повышения тарифов ЖКУ нет

Local authorities should control businesses that provide services, housing services, said Deputy Prime Minister.

Reason to raise gas prices and housing and communal services during the heating season 2017-2018 no. This was stated by Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko in the air ЭраFM.

“The price of gas we stated in the draft state budget for 2018. She remained at the same level this year. Now there is no reason to talk about raising gas prices for the population. So there is no reason for growth of tariffs for housing and communal services”, – he said.

Rozenko believes that local authorities should strictly control businesses that provide people the services that they are not unreasonably increased prices for housing and communal services.

He also stressed that the Memorandum with the IMF there is no requirement on raising gas prices for the population in this heating season.

Earlier the Ministry predicted a growth to 2018 of gas tariffs by 19% for heating, hot water and electricity by 20%.

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