Rozenko: the Government today has no plans to restrict benefits for Chornobyl victims

Розенко: Правительство на сегодняшний день не планирует ограничивать льготы чернобыльцам

Verification of social payments to victims of the Chernobyl disaster should be clearly agreed with by the liquidators. The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko said in the course of communication with journalists, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Verification of the Chernobyl payments must strictly be coordinated with public organizations, Chernobyl victims, to prevent violations of the real Chernobyl. So we are going to act very carefully and very deliberately. And, perhaps, what can be done for other categories of people, Chernobyl veterans, people with disabilities, the right cannot be applied”, – said Rozenko.

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The Deputy Prime Minister was skeptical about the idea of restoring the 4th zone of radioactive contamination, calling it irrelevant.

“What is the 4th area? It Koncha-Zaspa, sorry, this White Church. If we are serious about what Concha Zaspa, Kozin or 4th zone? There are zoning today, any changes should have to date exclusively with a scientific basis not a political one… to Say that 30 years after the accident, everything should remain as it was 30 years ago – obviously, this is wrong. 4-I area 30 years ago existed, and now to talk about her recovery absolutely hopeless” – said Rozenko.

Note that the 4th area is officially deemed to be too contaminated for relocation of its residents, but the latter have the right to receive subsidies in the health sector. In 2012 the Ukrainian government has suspended the verification of contamination of food and soil in the 4th zone, called “zone strictly environmental control of radiation”.

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In addition, Rozenko said that the working group will be created, which will update the “Chernobyl” legislation, and stressed that no restrictions Chernobyl the government is not planned.

“Today we do not plan and do not offer any restriction of privileges to Chernobyl veterans… We meet and are constantly in contact with the Chernobyl organizations to find opportunities to enhance retirement security of citizens. I think that the Minister of social policy yesterday at a meeting with public organizations of Chernobyl veterans, carried out by (Prime Minister) Vladimir Groisman, has provided some new proposals which were accepted, about the necessity of the revision of the “Chernobyl” legislation and concentration funds and the cash resources of the people who really need this help. There was an agreement that he would act the joint working group, including representatives of the Ministry of social policy, Ministry of Finance, Chernobyl public organizations, MPs, to update the “Chernobyl” legislation”, – said Rozenko.

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