Rozenko told about the main points of pension reform

Розенко рассказал об основных моментах пенсионной реформы

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko told about the main aspects of the pension reform.

“Pension reform will include several key and important points. First. We have to say that the reduction in the deficit of the Pension Fund is not a simplification of the pension programs and content and increased income of the Pension Fund, the development of the economy, creating new jobs, unshadowing of economy. And the second point is improving the pension system. The government has already submitted to the Parliament a draft law on the introduction of a funded system, and in particular, restore order in the solidarity system”, – he told on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

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“Together with the IMF, I think that until September, our task is to write those systematic measures that will allow the Pension Fund of Ukraine to become more self-reliant financial institution is not as dependent on the state budget of Ukraine”, – he added.

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Earlier, the head of the Ministry Andrey Reva said that up to September 2016 the Department will prepare a package of 4-5 of bills, the purpose of which will be, if not fully cover, or at least minimize the deficit of the Pension Fund, which now amounts to 145 billion USD.