RSA: In the hospital of Kherson was driven to suicide by ATO

ОГА: В госпитале Херсона довели до самоубийства участника АТО

The Commission completed an internal investigation into the suicide of a veteran ATO Sergey Kochemasov.

The actions of the workers of the Kherson hospital of invalids and veterans of war could lead to suicide of the participant of anti-terrorist operation Sergey Kochemasov. Relevant conclusions were published, a special Commission of the Kherson regional state administration.

The investigation revealed that when communicating with patients head of the neurological Department violated the rules of ethics and deontology. The Commission concludes that all violations could bring a veteran ATO Sergey Kochemasov to suicide.

Health workers involved in the case will be sent for recertification and suspended from performing his professional duties.

Earlier in Kharkiv, 23-year-old member of the ATO killed himself by exploding a grenade in the apartment.