Rudick explained his entry into BPP’s desire to build roads in Cherkasy oblast

Рудик объяснил свое вступление в БПП желанием строить дороги в Черкасской области

MP Serhiy Rudyk explained his decision to join the faction of the BPP’s desire to build roads in Cherkasy oblast. Commenatry rudika has sounded on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“To say that I love it and no doubt in this choice, is to say nothing. Because the negotiation process was approximately three weeks, the first meeting was with me for three weeks before deciding… Question # 1 – I was interested Groysman, I was interested in whether he’s a contender, since it is known that from time to time his candidacy, too, was shot, on his initiative, not on his initiative. I don’t like dealing with politicians, I call them “nerds”, these are the people who are engaged in activities that were very fast on their career path, and actually saw life. I had to hear a man who twice led city Council, which has demonstrated success in this position, he was Deputy Minister for industry complex of the Ministry. I, as the Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik, and member of the budget Committee, had these for a year and a half to face lots of problems related to the fact that in their posts, there are all these “botany,” said Rudyk.

“The main reason (the occurrence of the faction “BPP”, – ed.) was that I don’t want to Cherkasy region was the region of the third grade, which it, unfortunately, in my opinion, today there is… I hope that I until the end of term this will make Happy 5 roads in Cherkasy oblast, it was for me a very important reason,” said the MP.

We will remind, on April 12, the people’s Deputy Serhiy Rudik officially liceeaten in the composition of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”. It is April 12, after joining the PPO Rudy and three of his colleagues, “the people’s front and Bloc of Petro Poroshenko” could form a coalition to nominate the Prime-Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

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