Rugby: Ukraine wins Sweden

Регби: Украина уверенно побеждает Швецию

The Ukrainian team left no chances for the Swedes

In the match of European Nations Cup, the national team of Ukraine on Rugby beat Sweden with a score of 23:10.

In the match of European Nations Cup between the national teams of Ukraine and Sweden, was recorded the victory of our team.

Reporting to the match, Ukraine came in the grade favorite and confirmed its status without question.

The start of the match Ukraine failed. The Swedes have implemented the penalty and took the score 0:3. However, until halftime, our team was able to leave in a serious separation – 17:3.

In the second half, the Swedes pushed hard and closed the gap in the score – 17:10 but the end of the meeting again left for the Ukrainians and the final whistle signalled a victory with a score of 23:10.

Thanks to the victory of the Rugby national team of Ukraine has good chances for second place in division 1B. Catch up with Belgium, the Ukrainians will not succeed, but with Moldova will be facing each other, which will decide the fate of second place.

Rugby. The European Nations Cup. Division 1B

Ukraine – Sweden – 23:10 (10:3)

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