Run, suffer, enjoy. How marathons

Беги, страдай, кайфуй. Как устроены марафоны

A week ago in Kiev held a marathon

Running is fashion, it is the endorphins, this is the simplest form of physical activity, and this is a multimillion-dollar industry.


Kiev grumble because of the overlap of the streets and writing angry posts on Facebook — a sure sign that in the capital of Ukraine held a marathon. Our country is not yet spoilt for cross-country events, so any large-scale event of this kind certainly cause someone stress and wave disturbances, says Valery Litvinski in №19 of the Magazine Correspondent. At the same time every year he runs more and more Ukrainians is seen in the number of people registering for races. Why run?

How it all began

Probably everyone ever thought about the fact to start Jogging in the morning or in the evening. Drastic even planned a training session or buy a form, but then still found a lot of reasons to move on tomorrow, next month or a year.

The Creator of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg, for example, to not look for excuses, he idea to himself for a challenge in 2016, has publicly promised to run at least a mile a day and by the end of the year to run 365 miles. He created the private social network group Year of Running, where his trial could join anyone and go with him this way till the end. By the way, it’s been two years, mark fulfilled his promise, but is still not over running.

In its current form regular Jogging originated in the U.S. in the 1960s, where the race first and received mass recognition. And the first to running around the streets people in American society are treated with suspicion and were considered cranks. In The New York Times even wrote about the man while Jogging was detained by the police for “illegal use of the road by the pedestrian”.

However, Americans did not stop. Now in the United States regularly runs about 10 million people, literally every week in some city hosts a marathon. Three of the six most prestigious marathon in the world the World Marathon Majors taking the United States: Boston, Chicago, and new York.

Ukraine, of course, far from it. General Manager Run Ukraine Dmitry chernitskii recalls how in 2010, he arrived at the bila Tserkva marathon, which brought together about 180 people, and actually ran a marathon about 20, and this competition had the status of the championship of Ukraine. “Globally, in Ukraine, the run was generally unpopular. Compared to Europe, we have absolutely nothing had happened,” said Chernitsky Correspondent.

The only cross country event in Kiev 2000s — the traditional Race under the chestnut trees on the 5 km charity event Important mass size where someone runs, and someone just walks. Sports component and at the same time individual approach to each participant in it is not enough. And when the 2010 Kiev hosted the first marathon, he collected a total of 800 people.

“I worked in the advertising industry, I quit, didn’t understand what you want to do. Six months without work, there was a period of finding yourself. All I did was run. And at this point I realized that I wanted to do sports marketing, it should be running, then came to the conclusion that it must be a marathon. Any experience in organizing sports events was not. And in Ukraine no one had to learn, had to look at the pictures and video as cross-country events are doing abroad,” so Chernitsky describe your path to the organizers of the marathon.

But the main problem — the country was not running culture and running of the movement as such. The average age of the participants of the first Kyiv marathon is 40-45 years. That is, young people Jogging were not interested at all. “We realized that we needed to create a club system, to make Jogging club and invite beginners, Amateurs like ourselves, so it became part of life for people. We walked in small steps, had a lot of mistakes,” he says.

Who runs

Nine years later at the Kiev marathon in 2018 already gathered about 11 thousand participants. Besides the marathon distance of 42.195 km, held 10 races: half marathon (21 km), relay, veteran of a dozen — 10 km ran the veterans of the ATO. Was still running for charity, children and so on.

Changed the composition of the participants. Ukrainian cross-country audience became younger: the average age is 30-35 years. Mostly people who are already burdened with some kind of commitments and want to be more efficient. Running just organizing, running is environmentally friendly, safe, no need to go into the ring, someone win, you win yourself, your weaknesses.

According to estimates Chernitsky 25 million people — those who have constantly involved in various cross-country competitions in Ukraine. And this audience is growing, if in 2015, in Ukraine, only 1.290 people finished marathons in 2016- 1.468, in 2017 — already 1.993, and in 2018 just for the Kyiv marathon — record 1.626. And there is still a minimum of Kharkiv and Dnipro marathons and also less hyped launches.

Беги, страдай, кайфуй. Как устроены марафоны

The number of runners is growing in Ukraine. Run even the fire

The money issue

The marathon is not cheap. Organizers estimated budget IX of the Kiev marathon in 7 million, excluding the salaries of the team that actually prepares event all year round. The budget is formed by contributions of participants and sponsors. The contributions of the participants cover 25% of the total budget of the marathon, the 30% title sponsor (Wizz Air). The organizers of the marathon hope to extend this collaboration for another three years.

The amount of the fee for a participant includes the cost of all components included in the starter pack, plus a mark-up organizers. The earlier registered, the less you pay. There is nothing to pull to the last, the maximum amount is placed specifically in the last week to party was recorded in advance and had time to prepare.

Because it is simply impossible to take a decision within two weeks before start to have time to prepare for a marathon or half marathon. Often you can find cases when registration for running event in Ukraine may be more expensive than abroad, in the same Poland or Turkey (see infographic). There sponsors are willing to pay more, because the audience is much more often there is financial support from city or even from the state budget.

Income from the IX Kiev marathon, the organizers estimate conditional 2 million UAH. Thus the yield managed to come out not at once. “The first four or five years was minus. This business is a long-term strategy as the marathon. Due to the Kiev marathon & half marathon we went to the regions and started to create events there,” said Chernitsky.

Marathon tourism

In addition to the capital, Kyiv team is premaratna in Lviv, Odessa, Dnepr and Zaporozhye. From the regions of very different economy. This investment in the future, and sometimes they are even without a title sponsor, explained the company. “Polymorphy in the regions — this is not business, it’s the development community that must reach sufficiency. Our model is constructed so that the first two years we invest in cross-country event, the third year, we should reach self-sufficiency. Otherwise, we just don’t hold it. If we keep the momentum for next year, these events 300-400 thousand UAH will earn”, calculates Chernitsky.

In Europe do have the marathons themselves, the city authorities are the organizers. For them it is an important tool to attract guests, replenish the local budget. Ukraine is mainly a private story. I am glad that the city authorities at least are open to cooperation, because without their consent is impossible in principle would be to hold an event of this magnitude.

First and foremost, the city government shall promote organizational and in the same overlap of the streets. Utilities earn a little money on the marathon. On average UAH 500 thousand. This amount includes payment of the organizers of the development scheme of the route management Kievgorsoveta, cleaning areas and so on. That brings marathon the big city? Of course, the losses too. The damage is all those who are forced to change life plans, to postpone business projects, late for planes and trains because of ignorance of the impending overlap of the streets. That’s what people pay for what the city receives from the participants of the marathon and reputational dividends.

In the city’s economy, the event could attract big money. For the same IX Kyiv marathon was attended by about 600 foreigners from 45 countries. “Every foreigner who comes to town and leaves about 5 thousand UAH. It take the minimum accommodation and meals in two days. There may be more. A person coming from another Ukrainian city, will spend in Kiev less, well let 3 thousand UAH. Even if you take 3 thousand and multiply, for example, on the number of participants who came to Kyiv half marathon (April 2018) — there are about 4 thousand visitors were received — UAH 12 million for the weekend. And this half marathon, marathon potential is higher,” — said Chernitsky.

Sports tourism is something that is extremely lacking Ukrainian cities. That can give an event such as a marathon, you can imagine the example of one of the world’s leading competitions and Berlin. This event for 44 years — there run about 45 thousand people. A significant part of — city guests. On the running weekend in the city attended by tens of thousands of tourists.

And about the problems

Of course, guests will not only run, but also get acquainted with the sights, communicate. To do this, marathons are held in the most picturesque Central districts of cities. In the same Berlin, Rome, Paris and new York for the runners to cover the center of the city.

One of the main prerequisites for a successful marathon — the atmosphere and support of local residents at a distance. At the major European competitions runners practically does not remain alone, along the road there are people — the fans that are “driven” forward. In Kiev, most of the route you spend alone, but in some areas there is a fan zone and support. How to change this? Corny, continue to hold such events, involve more people. And, of course, carefully to build the routes. The overlapping part of the streets is inevitable, but it is necessary to provide possibility of journey of those who live near the running track.

Kyiv marathon is still relatively young, so it still has the issues of a purely organizational nature: short zone of hydration where watered runners, there are crowds of athletes. Creates discomfort partial, rather than full road closures in some areas, which have to run in the smoke exhaust, especially “lucky”, if there will be traffic jam.

Another detail, which many say is a heavy highway marathon, Kyiv Gorki, elevation. The biggest climb — as much as 81 m 2 km distance to the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples. Well what did you expect, Kiev is situated on the hills, but it turns out the marathon with character. Organizers say that their goal was not to do a fast track, in the same Berlin, which has set eight world records, including the past 16 Sep Kenyan Eludom Kipchoge — 2 hours 1 minute 40 seconds.

Беги, страдай, кайфуй. Как устроены марафоны

For a good cause

Running and marathons, carry an important social function: the rehabilitation of the military or the collection of funds for charitable purposes. The bass guitarist and co-founder of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘ legendary flea (real name Michael Peter Balzary) started to run for the sake of raising funds for your charity project — Conservatory in Los Angeles, where disadvantaged children are given free music lessons and provide tools.

In 2017 at the Kiev marathon has gathered 1,1 million UAH for 12 charities. In 2018 — at a distance of 2 km charity run, which raised funds for equipment rehabilitation Institute of traumatology and orthopedics. Just starts different distances out of 70 fundraisers of people, attracting funding to support 15 charities.

Media Manager Tatiana Grineva started running regularly after the birth of a child, three years running only premaratne, and then moved on to marathons. At the end of 2017 Tatiana came up with for challenge of 12 marathons in 12 months. The original idea was to write a book about running, non-runners, and the test was to help to meet more heroes, imbued with stories and experiences from a long run.

“In the end, I got much more than expected. I already ran 10 of the 12 marathons for the year (including two on the treadmill, the Canary Islands, tel Aviv, Rome, Odessa, Kiev, Vyshgorod, San Francisco, Kiev — my birthday). Stupidity, it would seem. But I found a goal: every month I collect about 100 thousand UAH for the project, which finances the purchase of medicines and bandaging materials for children with cancer, which cannot be cured,” said Grineva Told.

Five months Tatiana managed to collect more than UAH 465 thousand, there are still two months 200 thousand UAH. Grineva admits that it is very motivating.

How to run and not fall

About running like to say that this is the most accessible sport. The entry threshold is really low, it would seem, ran. But if you want to do it regularly and without harm to health, you still have to spend money (see infographic). “Yes, it is an affordable sport, but actually there are a lot of nuances. Very important sneakers and a watch with a heart rate monitor to train with logic, with the correct parameters, with the given initial data of man” — shares his experience with the Correspondent of the silver prize-winner of Olympic games 2008 in Beijing, coach on the run Irina liscinski.

According to her, from the beginning of regular Jogging before the first marathon should take up to two years. “You know, to have a good run — need to run. It’s how to better to drive, often need to do it. Similarly, the body, and the musculoskeletal system needs to adjust to the load. You should start with short and slow runs. People who are preparing for a marathon, a minimum of 80 miles a week should run. The longest workout should be 35 km,” — said the coach. It is important not to overload the body and to monitor its response to loads, recalls the expert.

Among the most common error on the first marathon — quick start and a desire to chase some invented by himself the result, and improper calculation of drink and food — you need to test all of what you’re going to use on the course. As a result, rapid start, rapid acidification of the muscles and after 30 km the meeting with the infamous “marathon wall”, when the forces leave and to run further does not want and can not.

“Gambling is a terrible thing, it’s hard to stop yourself when you’re still ahead, and you realize: I can also faster. Start music, all the support, and you begin to accelerate. Who runs a marathon, they these distances are still not running, a maximum of two times for 35 km in training. They don’t know what there is after 35. You need to distribute the force better and to leave something at the end. If you’re very fast in the beginning, it will be very painful in the end. The main thing — not to break itself, and not to chase,” says the correspondent of the marathon runner Andrey Usenko.

He began to run in order to relieve stress after work, a year and a half ran the first marathon, and now already runs ultra marathons (a distance of over 42 km). Andrew in late October, goes to Turkey, will run 120 km on a mountain area. According to Usenko, the main thing is to be prepared mentally if you don’t believe that I can finish, it will be difficult to overcome the “marathon wall”.

Another common definition of “runner”. It’s as much lift, similar to a slight intoxication observed during prolonged exercise. The resulting loads rush of endorphins creates that same “runner”. It helps to run long distance, but also creates risks.

“Runner” is manifested in different ways. Somehow I’m seven hours in the mountains ran, he had ran out of food, a fellow runner gave a chocolate bar, I immediately charged — off. At the finish, you basically already can not go, because all the muscles are sore, but I think it was so cool, I want more,” says Usenko.

“Hooked on running” — not a figure of speech. This is a real physiological effect. And you must be ready to regulate his passion. Not to overdo it. Because in running, as in life, it is important to monitor their health and understand what load you are capable of. Scientists American College of Cardiology for 15 years watched life 55 thousand people from 18 to 100 years. In the studied group among the lovers of Jogging was 45% less deaths from cardiovascular disease and 30% from all causes. On average, runners lived three years longer. The study also showed that the risk of dying from a heart attack is reduced even for those who run once or twice a week for short distances.

Obvious reasonable steps to regularly undergo a medical examination, to control the load and its condition (pulse, blood pressure, etc.), to use the help of a qualified trainer. It is a separate science, kustarschina then invalid in principle and dangerous.

Of course, running is not a panacea for any disease. And many don’t fit. If suitable, I’ll see you some start.


Oksana Loy, journalist, 24 years

I hated sports in any form. Until, until I met Oleg Kravchenko. At 25, he ran all six world marathons of the World Marathon Majors (the dream of all runners) and did a full Ironman. He invited me to participate in the race to the highest point of our country — Yes, in the race! And I’ve been inspired by the feeling that I felt after the race on Goverla. I opened the calendar of races and found your first marathon. I knew that it would not be in Ukraine. Krakow marathon — the choice was obvious. Comfortable logistics and fairly smooth trail and a large number of countrymen. Before the start was only a month and a half, and I didn’t even know what it’s like to run 21 km. First marathon is like your first date: you don’t know what awaits you, but you’re terribly interesting. And waiting the inevitable wall, she caught me at 28 km. Then there was the finish line, the tears, the medal and the words never again. The day after the finish — want to run! A week after the finish — you want to run. Four years have passed, and the desire to run vanishes, and Vice versa: if I don’t satisfy, it starts breaking. Next year run the most popular marathon in the world in new York. Running makes addicted — and that’s good!

Taras Kozak, an investment banker, 48 years

In 2015, the first time I ran 5 miles, it was very hard, but I liked it. I realized that I need to prepare, and then for the first time crept into the idea about the marathon. There is known such a thing “runner”, when you get pleasure from prolonged exertion. Even when tired after work, wear sneakers, get out, there is a feeling of happiness. All the heavy thoughts fade into the background, and you just run. In 2016, the first time I ran the half-marathon and realized that for best results, you need to contact the coach. I came to Alexander Cousin — well-known Ukrainian runner, there has started the real training, proper nutrition, all professional terms and so on. In the spring of 2017 I ran my first marathon in Vienna. It was very difficult, 35 km I could no longer run, stopped, and even stood up a little bit. But somehow I managed myself, after 2 km he let go and I ran. When finish, all the difficulties are forgotten once. This September I ran the Berlin marathon. The one on which Eliud Kipchoge set a world record. It is an indescribable feeling when you’re running along with the world record holder. It’s even more inspiring. In fact, you partner is a world record, you ran in one race, elite sport here it is — very close. By the way, in Berlin, I set a personal record at the marathon distance is 3 hours and 37 minutes. The next goal is to do Ironman (long triathlon). When you get on a vertex, the point is to see the next peak that is higher and more beckons you. After the marathon my next top is Ironman.