Runners on the release Savchenko: there was some serious moments like this, when everything hung in the balance

Полозов об освобождении Савченко: Был ряд серьезных таких моментов, когда все висело на волоске

There were several moments when the liberation of Hope Savchenko was hanging by a thread. This was during a press conference, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said the lawyer Savchenko Nikolai Polozov.

“The only impact on power can be pressure. Since the Russian pressure from the inside is impossible, the political field stripped to a state of the asphalt, the only point on power is the external pressure. And here, thanks to the people of Ukraine, due to political forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian authorities and Western countries, Europe, USA, managed to find the point of application, which has created a narrow corridor of opportunities for the Kremlin, the only way out was to release Hope Savchenko,” – said Polozov.

“There was some serious moments like this, when everything hung in the balance, could break away, but yesterday’s events showed that the strategy, which was elected by us and pretended to be led to the expected result. Hope Savchenko on the loose on the conditions that put she. She did not ask pardon, she did not recognize guilty, she returned home a free man,” said he.

We will note, Savchenko tomorrow, along with attorneys will also give a press conference. 112.abode conduct an online broadcast.

Nadiya Savchenko is back in Ukraine on may 25. It was brought from Rostov to Borispol at one of the state planes. There, barefoot, Savchenko delivered his first speech after his return.

On the same day in Moscow returned to the Russian Grushnikov Alexander Yerofeyev and. All three were pardoned, therefore no punishment serving in the homeland of the question. Moscow claims that the process was a homecoming of convicted citizens, however, and Ukrainian and international politicians and experts otvergaet that despite the selection procedure took place the exchange Savchenko Alexander and Yerofeyev.

Hope Savchenko held in a Russian prison for almost two years. The militants took her captive in July 2014.

In March 2016, the Russian court in Donetsk, the Rostov Savchenko sentenced to 22 years in prison. Gumanitarnye international organizations recognize Savchenko as a political prisoner, and President Petro Poroshenko awarded her the title of “Hero of Ukraine” and“Gold star” Hero gave Hope Savchenko on the day of return – 25 may.