Russia ahead of schedule opened the navigation in the Kerch Strait

Россия досрочно открыла судоходство в Керченском проливе

Both arches installed on the Seine estuary supports

Initially to restore the movement of ships was going on Saturday morning.

Navigation in the Kerch Strait, which Russia illegally closed October 11 for three days due to the installation of the second arch of the bridge on the supports, open early. It is reported by the information centre of the project of the Crimean bridge.

Traffic was restored at 12:00 Kyiv time.

“We took into account the experience of the first marine operations – installation of the railway arches and alloy road arches conducted much faster: instead of the allotted 72 hours missed in 54 hours. That eats a little more than two days”, – told Deputy General Director on infrastructure projects of OOO stroygazmontazh Leonid Regency.

According to him, conducted naval operations – “the peak of the construction, the key and most complex technological operations not only in 2017, but throughout the project.”

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve were established the second arch under construction in the Kerch Strait bridge from Crimea to neighboring Russia. The design weight of more than 5 thousand tons was raised on the Seine estuary supports – to a height of 35 meters from sea level.

At the end of August it became known about the installation of the first arch on the bridge Kerch. In Russia it is called the key event construction.

Recall, Ukraine will sue Russia over the bridge in the Crimea, since the Ukrainian ports suffer a substantial loss if this object will be completed. The dispute between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will consider international arbitration.