Russia announced new danger zones in the Crimea

Россия сообщила о новых опасных зонах в Крыму

Flying over the Black sea may prohibit

Moscow hopes for an official resolution on the situation with missile exercises in Ukraine.

Russia has notified ICAO about a new threat areas for flights over the Black sea, established by Ukraine, Interfax reported.

“Now is the North Atlantic Council, air navigation Bureau of ICAO. There our representatives just announced a situation associated with the introduction of these exclusion zones… Expect that this statement will be adopted as a formal resolution”, – said Deputy Minister of transport of Russia Valery Okulov.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that Russia had complained to ICAO the plans of Ukraine’s missile firings in the area of Crimea.

Moscow demanded from Kiev to cancel the missile exercises in the vicinity of Simferopol. In Russia, even handed a protest note to the Ukrainian attache. However, the Ukrainian side advised the Kremlin not to hysteria” because of the missiles.

Later it became known that the defense Ministry sent to the Embassy of Ukraine a letter in which he threatened a retaliatory missile strike.


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