Russia blocked a UN security Council resolution on sanctions for the use of chemical weapons in Syria

Россия заблокировала резолюцию Совбеза ООН о санкциях за применение химического оружия в Сирии

Representatives of the Russian Federation in the UN Security Council, using veto power, has blocked a resolution on sanctions on Syria. About it reports the edition “Interfax”.

As notes the edition, the resolution related to the possible use of chemical weapons by the Armed forces of Syria and allows you to enter sanctions concerning the persons of companies that are related to attacks with chemical weapons.

“The sanctions include the freezing of funds, other financial assets and economic resources; prevent the entry or transit of individuals sanctioned through the territory of States members of the United Nations; a ban on the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to the Syrian authorities chlorine or items specified in the lists of the Convention on chemical weapons, and all weapons, all helicopters and related materiel”, – notes the edition.

According to the publication, the original sanctions list, prepared by them, includes 11 representatives of the military leadership of Syria and 10 specialized institutions.

The resolution was supported by nine members of the UN Security Council, the other three, including the Russian Federation, voted against, and three abstained.

Earlier human rights organization Human Rights Watch has accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons in recent months the battle for Aleppo. According to the report, the Syrian organization for human rights, for three years the regime of Bashar Assad used chemical weapons during the civil war in Syria 136 times.

We will remind, in 2013 the victims of the attacks using chemical weapons in Syria were 88 people, including 45 of the opposition and seven prisoners were in the hands of the Assad regime. Also killed 30 civilians Syrians, 20 of whom are women, and eight children.

21 Aug 2013 in the course of the operation of the army of Assad on the outskirts of Damascus in the ghouta killed, according to various estimates, from 650 to 1188 people. Chemical weapons were used.

Later Damascus with Moscow’s mediation, agreed to destroy his chemical Arsenal, and in February 2015 Russia announced a complete chemical disarmament of Syria.

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