Russia blocks transit of coal to Ukraine – media

Россия блокирует транзит угля в Украину - СМИ

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are unable to supply coal to Ukraine in full

Restrictions on transit of coal to Ukraine Russia complained to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Russia, meanwhile, supply has dramatically increased.

Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan have accused Russia of obstructing the supply of coal to Ukraine, writes Kommersant on Tuesday, September 10.

The newspaper reminds that since June, the coal and some petroleum products are supplied to Ukraine from Russia only on special permits. Transit cargo these restrictions apply not have to.

However, the consultation in late August, the representative of the chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Atameken reported that the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation does not negotiate the terms of transit of Kazakh coal to Ukraine. He noted that it is unclear on what basis the norms of international law, Federal treaties and agreements Russia quoteroom coal exports.

As noted, Russia’s actions illegal was named as chief of the economic integration of the economy Ministry of Belarus Alyaksei Macevil.

The Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation stated that the harmonization of transit Russia and Kazakhstan have agreed on 3 June. After consultation with “the interested authorities and to the approval of the government of the Russian Federation”, the Ministry informs the applicants of quotas on the export of products from Russia to Ukraine. The representative of the Ministry confirmed that since July, not all of Kazakhstan’s bid agreed completely but added that Kazakh exporters even take out approved amounts.

Following the consultations, the Eurasian economic Commission has asked Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to provide information on the costs they encounter during the transit of coal to Ukraine via Russia. Then will decide whether to begin an official investigation against Russia.

Earlier it was reported that after a sharp drop in deliveries of Russian coal in June, in July, coal imports from Russia increased threefold.


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