Russia bought a record 26 tons of gold in anticipation of sanctions

РФ скупила рекордных 26 тонн золота в ожидании санкций

Gold reserves of Russia reached 2170 tons

The Russian Central Bank in July, has acquired 26.1 tons of gold. In the result, the gold reserve of the Russian Federation reached 2170 tons.

In July 2018, the Russian Central Bank acquired a 26.1 tons of gold. This is the maximum monthly number since November last year, nine-month record, said on Wednesday, August 22, citing the international monetary Fund, Bloomberg.

Noted that as a result of the gold reserves of Russia reached 2170 tons. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, on the first of August, the Russian gold reserves was estimated at $77.4 billion

At the same time the CBR has reduced the stocks of debt securities United States, replacing them with gold. During April-may, the volume of US government bonds on the balance sheet of Russia fell by about four-fifths, from $96,1 billion in March to $14.9 billion in may.

The assumption of Agency, it suggests that Russia gets rid of us assets to defend against a possible expansion of sanctions.

According to first Deputy Central Bank Chairman Dmitry Tulin, gold is a “100% guarantee legal and political risks”.

We will remind, earlier launched the first phase of new US sanctions against Russia.

Before that, it was reported that the United States expanded sanctions against Russia.

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