Russia built for Iran five rigs

Россия построит для Ирана пять буровых установок

Russia will build the rigs

The amount of the contract amounted to $1 billion.

Iranian Tasdid company and a Russian shipbuilding plant “Red barricades” has signed a contract for the construction of five offshore rigs for exploration and production of oil and gas in the Persian Gulf, reports IRNA.

The amount of the contract amounted to $1 billion.

“The Russian side undertook to provide 85% of the cost of the contract”,- stated in the message.

Drilling rigs must be built in the port city of khorramshahr during the next two years.

As reported, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry calls the move by the Russian side two jackup drilling rigs and oil platform Tavrida in the Black sea plunder of property and natural resources and requires the return of this property.

The border guards have accused Russia of kidnapping gas platforms