Russia continues to produce gas on the shelf of Ukraine

РФ продолжает добывать газ на шельфе Украины

Illegal gas extraction in the Ukrainian shelf

Ukrainian border guards drew up a report on violations identified and referred to the military Prosecutor.

The coast guard ship surveyed about 20 sites on four gas fields, captured by Russia in the Maritime economic zone of Ukraine in the North-Western part of the Black sea, is spoken in the message of state frontier service of Ukraine.

The survey was conducted at all existing fields in the North-Western part of Black sea – Storm, Archangel, Golitsin, Odessa.

“The armed men, who at the approach of the ship of Sea protection took fighting positions, and sometimes defiantly, not hiding, pointing a gun to the side of the ship. When radioprobe of the crew of a drilling platform staff recognize their belonging to the Russian Federation and claimed that they are in neutral waters, without violating the laws. However, the carrying out of works on gas production not confirmed”, – told the guards.

However, the specialists of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and “Chernomorneftegaz” testified that on several SMEs have hardware that confirms the carrying out of works for upgrading, reinstallation or repair of mechanisms and instruments, and so they were used for drilling operations.

The interagency group drew up a report on detected crimes, which transferred for further response to the military Prosecutor.

In December 2016 on the basis of operation is similar to the inter-Ministerial group was drawn up on the revealed violations, which formed the basis of lawsuits and is now being considered in international courts.

Recall that Ukraine increased its trade with Russia.


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