Russia demands from Roshen $2.6 million

Россия требует от Roshen $2,6 млн

The Russian tax claim of violations of the Ukrainian company.

Russia intends to recover from the confectionery factory Roshen in Lipetsk 150 million rubles ($2.6 million), according to the website of the company.

The Federal tax service of Russia for 2014-2015 year found irregularities in the payment of dividends Roshen illegal use of tax benefits established in the agreement between the governments of Russia and Ukraine of 8 February 1995.

Ukrainian company nastaivaet that all taxes were paid to the budget of Ukraine properly.

On 8 June it was reported that Roshen Lipetsk refuses to pay a fine of 48 million rubles, imposed by the Russian tax authorities. For this reason, the Ukrainian company has submitted to arbitration court.

Recall, January 20, Roshen Corporation has decided to stop production activities of the Lipetsk confectionery factory. It was noted that this decision was made for economic and political reasons.

At the end of April, the company claimed that the Lipetsk factory Roshen will close completely by the end of June.

In turn, Russia has allowed the restart of the factory Roshen.

However, in may it became known that the production of Roshen in Lipetsk is not lifted, and preserved. In the report of the factory stated that in 2016 Roshen paid to the Russian budget of about $ 15 million.

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