Russia did not initiate a case against a French musician Marouani.

В России не стали возбуждать дело в отношении французского музыканта Маруани, - адвокат

Didier Marouani

Russian law enforcement authorities decided not to initiate criminal proceedings against the leader of the French group Space Didier Marouani according to the statement by the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov extortion. This was reported “Interfax” the lawyer of the musician Vadim Kazeev.

Marouani is still in Russia, but tomorrow will return to France.

“Investigators returned Didier phone, he flies to Paris tomorrow. Investigators told us that it is not obliged to notify about a criminal case,” said Kazeev.

But the detainee with Maruani lawyer Igor Trunov phone is not returned, the lawyer said.

We will remind, on November 29 in Moscow detained the singer Didier Marouani, which Kirkorov accused of extortion. Later the musician and his lawyer released.

Later it turned out that the stories involved the Russian pranker Vovan and Lexus, who held talks with Maruani behalf of Philip Kirkorov.

He Marouani stated that will write on Kirkorov’s statement libel.