Russia had launched cruise missiles in the Crimea

РФ произвела запуск крылатой ракеты в Крыму

Russian fighter su-30CM

On the Peninsula were the teachings of the strike forces of the black sea fleet.

During the military exercises of Russia on the territory of the annexed Peninsula with coastal stationary missile complex Rock was launched cruise missile, reports the defense Ministry.

It is noted that the rocket launch conducted as part of a planned scoring tactical exercises groupings of disparate impact forces of the black sea fleet.

“At the final stage of flight anti-ship missile multi-role fighter naval aviation Navy su-30SM aircraft intercepted the target and destroyed it, using the aviation guided missile”, – said the Russian defense Ministry.

The exercises were involved in 15 warships and auxiliary vessels of the fleet, and naval aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles.

All aircraft and air defense of the South of Russia raised the alarm

Earlier it was reported that divisions of Marines of the Caspian flotilla of the Russian Federation deployed on maneuvers in Crimea.