Russia has banned Boeing 737 MAX

Россия запретила Boeing 737 MAX

In the world continue to abandon the use of two aircraft models. In addition to Russia, the ban imposed by Japan and Nigeria.

The Rosaviation has forbidden flights of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9. On Thursday, March 14, was announced by the head of Department Alexander Neradko, writes TASS.

“Rosaviatsia through the means agiasmati sent out a notification called a NOTAM that the airspace of the Russian Federation flying aircraft of this modification to special instructions banned,” he said.

The decision to lift the ban, he said, will be based on the analysis of “those directives and messages that will come from the Federal aviation administration, the National Bureau of transport security and the Boeing company”.

Among the latest countries to ban flights of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9, also Japan and Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Reuters writes that the supply planes had been frozen, but the production of ships continues.

Representatives of the airlines, the aviation industry and experts in Finance, also told the Agency that most carriers will avoid buying model airplanes that are prohibited for use in the airspace of many countries. However, Boeing is expected to continue producing this type of aircraft factory near Seattle and may again increase production in June.

According to analysts, provided by the Agency, every month to ban the use of Boeing 737 MAX can cost a company from $1.8 billion to $2.5 billion.

As reported, Boeing supported the decision of the US authorities to suspend flights of these aircraft models.

In addition to the US, on the eve of banned Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9, Canada, Ukraine and a number of other countries.


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