Russia has begun the installation of the second arch of the bridge in the Crimea

Россия начала установку второй арки моста в Крым

Arch bridge have already been delivered to the supports

Russian security forces have surrounded all surrounding roads and grounds on Cape AK-Burun.

On Wednesday in Kerch to the construction of the bridge from the annexed Crimea in neighboring Russia delivered on floating platforms road arch, which are going to install the bridge supports.

According to the Crimea.Reality, all surrounding roads and grounds on Cape AK-Burun, surrounded by patrols of the Russian police.

“According to the official version, is clearance. As the road was cordoned off last time, when I moved the first arch”, – writes the edition.

It is noted that in General marine operation for installing arches in the design position will take up to three days.

The movement of road arches into a bridge under construction repeatedly delayed because of bad weather. Now the builders have to raise the arch on the bridge supports. The last time the ascent of the railway arches to the design height took about 12 hours.

Russia imposed a ban on shipping through the Strait of Kerch from 11 to 14 October due to the installation of the arch to the supports of the bridge under construction.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 29 August it became known about the installation of the first arch on the bridge Kerch. In Russia it is called the key event construction.

Recall, Ukraine will sue Russia over the bridge in the Crimea, since the Ukrainian ports suffer a substantial loss if this object will be completed. The dispute between Ukraine and the Russian Federation will consider international arbitration.