Russia has imposed sanctions against North Korea for missile and nuclear tests

Россия ввела санкции против КНДР из-за ракетно-ядерных испытаний

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On measures to implement resolutions of the UN Security Council 2270 from 2 March 2016” , which envisages a series of sanctions against North Korea. This document was published on Russia’s official website of legal information.

The decree contains a number of restrictions that Russia imposes in accordance with resolution against the DPRK. We are talking about a number of transactions with citizens and legal entities from North Korea for the sale of coal, iron, gold, silver, fuel, materials and technologies that can be used for the implementation of the DPRK’s nuclear program, chartering of aircraft and ships. The decree prohibits the export from Russia to North Korea of luxury items.

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Note, the UN security Council has approved sanctions against North Korea on 30 November 2016.

Earlier, South Korea announced that North Korea is developing ballistic missiles that can reach U.S. territory.