Russia has not abandoned the seizure of Ukraine Poltorak

РФ не отказалась от захвата Украины - Полторак

The defense Ministry says Russia’s increasing military presence near Ukraine.

The Russian Federation has not abandoned the desire to seize the Ukraine, said the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak after submission to staff the new head of the National defense University of Ukraine named. I. Chernyakhovsky, in Kiev.

“We closely monitor that the Russian Federation is reinforcing its forces on the border with Ukraine, they are going to additionally deploy some compounds of military units on the border with Ukraine. This suggests that the Russian Federation does not refuse the aggressive policy against Ukraine and its desire to take over Ukraine”, – said Poltorak.

According to the Minister, “all who live in Ukraine should not forget about the threat, which has not disappeared”.

“It is, and I think it will … Affect it we can not – on the actions of the Russian Federation and to the statements of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation – but we can all work together to make the right decisions, the right to plan their work, to be ready for emergency action,” said Poltorak.

Recall that six Ukrainian military were wounded in the direction of Donetsk over the past day.