Russia has sent another humanitarian convoy to Donbass

РФ отправила очередной гумконвой на Донбасс

In the consignment of products of power in the state of EMERCOM of Russia.

Motorcade of EMERCOM of Russia with humanitarian aid for Donbass crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border on the morning of Thursday, March 16. The route to the border crossing points was completed without delay, said the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

In the path of the column was divided into two parts: one arrived at the checkpoint “Donetsk”, the second “Matveyev-Kurgan”. In the consignment of food products, says MOE.

“There’s cargo in the presence of Russian representatives and Ukrainian customs and border guard services in accordance with international law for the delivery of humanitarian cargo to undergo necessary customs procedures. Observing the requirements, the cars of EMERCOM of Russia was stopped at a checkpoint with an open back canopy of the body. Verification has been not only the technique, but the documents accompanying the humanitarian aid”, – claim in the Russian office.

After completion of all procedures of 40 vehicles with “humanitarian aid” with a total weight of over 500 tons of continued movement to the discharge points of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Recall the previous 61-first humanitarian convoy from Russia arrived at the Donbass at the end of February.