Russia in Syria could prepare for new attacks on the North deployed artillery, the source

Россия в Сирии может готовиться к новым ударам, на север переброшена артиллерия, - источник

The Russian Federation has deployed artillery units to the North Syria, a staging area for government forces. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing officials in the United States.

According to officials, it can talk about preparations for renewed large-scale hostilities.

In addition, in Northern areas of Syria, according to the publication, re-rolled the Iranian part, also acting on the side of official Damascus. According to U.S. intelligence officials, the Russian artillery in these areas has already been used to support the Syrian army in the battles against the forces of the terrorist movement “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”.

From the American point of view, the deployment of the Russian artillery can have a negative impact on the process of political settlement in Syria. American sources also claim that in the last few days have again increased the intensity of the action unfolded in Syria, the Russian air group.

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Recall that on March 14 it became known that Russia withdraws troops from Syria.