Russia intends to deploy systems of space monitoring in the occupied Crimea

РФ намерена развернуть комплексы космического контроля в оккупированном Крыму

Russia intends to deploy new systems system control space (SKKP) in the Altai, the far East, Buryatia and in the occupied Crimea. About it on air of radio station “Life Sound,” said the Deputy commander of the space forces Russian space forces test Colonel Andrey Ivashin, RBC.

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“In the coming years on the territory of the Russian Federation the network is deployed the newest complexes of the system of control of outer space. It will be a network of specialized systems, electronic control and optical-electronic complexes of new generation. In addition to the Altai region such complexes is planned to expand in other regions of Russia – in the far East, in the Republic of Buryatia and in the Crimea”, – said Ivashina.

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The main advantage of these systems to the existing tools of space monitoring is that they are constructed on new element base, said Ivashina.

In early October, the General staff of the Russian Armed forces said that the us missile defence system (NMD) represents a threat to the free use of outer space by other States.

As stated by the first Deputy head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of armed forces of Russia Viktor Posenichi, speaking at Senanikom security forum, the US missile defense system plan to expand its capacity to destroy satellites of other countries at low orbits.

Posenichi recalled that in 2008, Americans have destroyed their own emergency satellite, which was at an altitude of about 250 km, training missiles “Standard-3” modification 1A, launched from aboard the USS Lake Erie. Russia and China then raised the fear that the situation with emergency satellite States used to test a national missile defence. However, in Washington these assumptions are rejected.

According to Posnaia, advanced interceptor missiles “Standard-3” versions of 2A with an increased area of the lesion, as well as GBI missiles much more, allowing them to destroy space vehicles of the Russian and Chinese space groups.

Earlier, the us state Department expressed concern with the placement near Kaliningrad anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 ballistic missiles “Iskander” capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Earlier, Reuters reported that Russia sent “Iskander” capable of moving equipped with nuclear warheads, in Kaliningrad, a city that is located between Poland and Lithuania.

Later, the defense Ministry said that the operational-tactical missile complexes “Iskander” was transferred to the Kaliningrad region in the framework of the combat training of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.