Russia is deliberately exacerbating the criminal situation in the country against which aggression is, – Korchilava

РФ намеренно обостряет криминогенную ситуацию в стране, против которой ведет агрессию, - Корчилава

Russian Federation (RF) intentionally contributes to the aggravation of the criminogenic situation in the country, against which Moscow is waging aggression. This broadcast of “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” I declared a press-attache of the Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine in 2005-2010 Bacho Korchilava.

“We know that when Russia starts some action against any of the countries of the so-called criminal authorities in their majority, located in the territory of the Russian Federation and control the territory of the former Soviet Union, are working very actively with the FSB and the interior Ministry. And that at that time Georgia passed it, this experience is not new – they begin to aggravate the crime situation, is one of the areas of struggle that is being waged against the country against which the aggression of the Russian Federation. Here for two years we are already virtually at war with Russia, but such some outdoor activities or outdoor work to counter increasing levels of banditry and so on, which is one of the areas undermine the state, we, unfortunately, do not yet see. What if we have a structure can’t adequately respond, then do we have no people who understand this. In this direction have to go work every day, because we have in the country already there are grey areas. What grey areas? TRANS-border crime is drug trafficking, is the traffic of weapons and so on, and Russia all this will encourage is that we couldn’t get stronger,” – said in Lviv.

He noted that Georgia took about four and a half years in order to bring the crime situation in the country back to normal.

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