Russia is going to mine minerals on the moon

Россия собралась добывать полезные ископаемые на Луне

On the moon the Russians will deliver the ship, equipped with the necessary means for the development of mineral resources.

Russia plans to send to the moon apparatus for the extraction of minerals, reports RIA Novosti citing a source in the rocket and space industry of the Russian Federation.

The plan NPO Lavochkin, in the period from 2031 to 2035 for the moon to be delivered reusable vehicle for transporting goods and heavy Rover up to 5 t for mining. Also on Earth’s natural satellite will send the modules for the construction of a lunar base.

Earlier it was reported that Russia asked the US money for the moon project. In addition, it was reported that the first cosmonaut from Russia can go to the moon on Board the U.S. space Shuttle Orion in 2024.

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