Russia is working on recreating nuclear train, which “gets lost” among the civil structures

РФ работает над воссозданием ядерного поезда, который "затеряется" среди гражданских составов

Russia is working on recreating the famous “nuclear trains” – fighting railway complexes armed Intercontinental missiles, says Russian service of BBC.

Disguised as civilian trains, trains, launchers of missiles “YARS” will run on the conventional railway network, lost among ordinary trains.

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About works in this area have repeatedly reported the Russian news Agency. General designer of the ground-based missile systems of the Moscow Institute of thermal technology (developer of the complex) Yuri Solomonov said that the tests bzhrk Barguzin is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2016.

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Two weeks ago in the Internet appeared rumors about the successful test at the cosmodrome “Plesetsk” launch of a ballistic missile system “Barguzin”.

Official confirmation of these tests has not yet been received, but before the information was confirmed for portal the consultant commander of the strategic missile forces Viktor Yesin, on Tuesday, the Interfax received another confirmation from an anonymous source in the industry.