Russia loves the brotherly Ukrainian people − Putin

Россия любит братский украинский народ − Путин

The flags of Ukraine and Russia

The Russian leader is sure that the restoration of relations is necessary as Kiev and Moscow and expressed willingness to dialogue.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said, speaking at a meeting of the international discussion club Valdai, that the conflict situation in Ukraine “cannot be tolerated, and of her need to leave,” RIA Novosti reported.

“We love Ukraine and Ukrainian people, indeed, I believe fraternal, if not one that is not part of the Russian people, although Russian nationalists don’t like it, and Ukrainian, but this is my point of view,” − said the Russian leader.

“Sooner or later it will happen − the Union − not in the sense of the interstate Association, and the Union, in terms of restoring relations. The sooner the better − we all do”, he said.

Putin also said, speaking about the situation in Ukraine that Russia has no desire something to take and something to share. He assured that the restoration of relations is necessary as Kiev and Moscow.

“Let’s get back to constructive, meaningful, and substantive, as diplomats say, dialogue. We are ready, with pleasure will do, and the sooner the better. We are no conflicts on our borders are not necessary”, − said Putin.


Putin condemned the opening of the monument to Petliura in Vinnytsia

Earlier, Putin said that the Ukrainian crisis Europe is guilty because it supported an unconstitutional “seizure of power”.