Russia may take part in the Eurovision song contest, suggesting that participant’s not having problems with our laws, – Kyrylenko

Россия может принять участие в Евровидении, предложив участника не имеющего проблем с нашими законами, - Кириленко

Russia itself may find a way to participate in the Eurovision song contest, inviting party, which has no problems with Ukrainian legislation. This was stated by Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko in the air of “Ukrainian radio”.

“Of course, we are ready to accept all 43 participating countries of the Eurovision song contest-2017. Including the representative from the Russian Federation. Russia itself may find a way out of this situation, offering the participant or the participant who has no problems with Ukrainian legislation. And in this case, this problem will be solved very quickly. Of course, we do not expect such an approach from the Russian Federation. As you can see, that the provocation with the Eurovision from Russia is only a small link in the long chain of provocations and actions aimed at aggravating the situation in Ukraine”, – said Kirilenko.

To represent Russia at the song contest “Eurovision-2017” chose 27-year-old singer Yulia Samoylova, who from childhood has the first group disability and is wheelchair-bound. SBU for 3 years denied entry to Ukraine of Yulia Samoilova, which Russia has chosen to participate in the Eurovision song contest-2017, which will be held in Kiev.

Kirilenko details prokomentiroval the situation navkolo ROS.spacci Ul Samoylova I vzagali participation of the Russian Federation

— Press service (@press_Kyrylenko) 25 Mar 2017

The European broadcasting Union (EBU) suggested that the First channel of the Russian Federation to organize the performance Samoilova in the semifinals on a video-link, and in case of its passage to the final – in the same way and there. Kirilenko in turn, said that broadcasting the speech Samoilova Ukrainian TV channels is a violation of Ukrainian laws, as well as its entry into Ukraine.

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