Russia notified Ukraine about possible retaliation

РФ уведомила Украину о возможных ответных ударах

Missile complex Iskander-M

In the system of administration of civil aviation of the States published application NOTAM – notification to Russia about the response.

The Russian defense Ministry has posted a notice about the response during the Ukrainian missile firings near the Crimea. Request NOTAM appeared in the management system of civil aviation under the number A3064/16, according to Medusa.

In the text of the notification says that the Russian air defense system will shoot down the rockets discovered in the area of the flight information region of Simferopol and Odessa in the framework of the exercise, scheduled for 1-2 December.

“If launched, missiles will pose a threat to Russian objects in this area (on land, at sea or in the airspace), will be retaliated for the destruction of launchers,” reads the notice.

The validity of the notification: from 12:30 to 14:30 Thursday December 1.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve was published the letter of Russian threats to Ukraine to launch a missile attack.

The defense Ministry of Ukraine confirmed that allow a missile attack by Russia on Ukrainian territory. However, the military did not intend to appear from a scheduled missile firings.

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