Russia opened the first oil field on the shelf of the Eastern Arctic

РФ открыла первое месторождение нефти на шельфе Восточной Арктики

Russia is actively developing oil production in the Arctic

In the development of the Arctic shelf will be invested 250 billion rubles.

The Russian state company Rosneft in the process of drilling the Central Olginskaya-1 from the shore of the Peninsula Khara-Tumus Khatanga Bay of the Laptev sea opened the first oil field on the shelf of the Eastern Arctic.

As reported on the website of the company, was carried out by triple coring from depths of up to 2305 2363, which shows a high saturation of oil with a predominance of light oil fractions.

“On the basis of primary research can be concluded about the opening of a new oil field, the volume of the resource potential which increases as you continue drilling operations. Currently, the coring continues,” the message reads.

The license to develop Khatanga plot was obtained by Rosneft in November 2015. In April 2017, the company commenced the drilling of “Central Olginskaya”.

Now owns 28 Rosneft license areas on the Arctic shelf with total resources 34 billion mtoe From 2012 investments of Rosneft in developing the Arctic shelf amounted to about 100 billion rubles. From 2017 to 2021, the volume of investments will grow to 250 billion rubles.

As reported Корреспондент.netRussia will to produce shale oil in the Arctic. To do this, create the new technologies of hydraulic fracturing in the permafrost.

In Russia opened 40 oil and gas fields