Russia partially block the Kerch Strait

Россия частично перекроет Керченский пролив

Overlapping scheduled for August-September.

Russia plans to introduce a ban on the movement of ships and vessels on the Kerch Strait. The ban will apply 3-6, 8-10, 14-21 and 28-31 August and 1-4 September 2017, reports DTN.

The restricted area will include the water area of the Kerch Strait, bounded coastline of the Crimea and the segments of straight lines connecting points with following coordinates:

  • 45°20’46″N 36°36’03″E – Mys Yenikale, Kerch North;
  • 45°19’30″N 36°39’33″E approximately 3 kilometers South along the Bald island from the port of Caucasus;
  • 45°14’58″N 36°34’41″E is the southernmost tip of the island of Tuzla;
  • 45°15’06″N 36°25’44″E – city beach, South of Kerch.

“In the forbidden area of sailing all ships, except ships and vessels of the Navy, ships and vessels of the Federal security bodies, and courts involved in the process of construction of the object “Transport crossing through the Kerch Strait,” prohibited”, – stated in the draft order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the Kerch Strait have started installation of the Seine estuary supports.

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