Russia refused to hold the World Cup

Россия отказалась от проведения этапа Кубка Мира

The stadium in Tyumen

The Union of biathletes of Russia made an official statement in connection with the doping scandal and for further proceedings.

The Union of biathletes of Russia did not remain silent in connection with the trials at the International biathlon Union regarding doping scandal. In an open statement, the organization said the following.

“While respecting the decision made at the extraordinary Executive Committee of the IBU, we reserve the International biathlon Union the right decision on the venue stage of the biathlon world Cup and Junior world championship, which was held in Tyumen and Island respectively. Competitions should be held in a festive atmosphere, but not among the suspicions and misunderstandings.

SBR relies on early and thorough trial from the IBU regarding the information contained in the report of the Commission of Richard McLaren. SBR in this situation will act according to international anti-doping legislation. The defendants in the cases must be punished only in case if their fault will be proved really. We hope that soon all will return to Russia”.

Thus, Russia has officially refused to hold a World Cup in Tyumen. The statement also said that the RBU organized and configured in the future to combat the use of illicit drugs among their athletes.

We will remind, earlier it became known that IBU was removed from the speeches of the two Russian biathletes.

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