Russia returned to Ukraine paid the court costs for the “debt of Yanukovych,” – the media

РФ вернула Украине уплаченные судебные расходы по "долгу Януковича" - СМИ

The Russian side returned to Ukraine previously paid costs and expenses in the case of the so-called “duty of Yanukovych”.

Russia returned to Ukraine previously paid costs and expenses in the case of the so-called “duty of Yanukovych”. This is with reference to a source in the government said on Thursday, November 15, Interfax-Ukraine.

The amount of funds the Agency interlocutor did not specify. At the same time, he noted that the whole of the amount payable is received.

Recall, Ukraine in December 2015, has defaulted on Eurobonds purchased by Russia in December 2013 with funds from the national welfare Fund ($3 billion – the issue itself and $75 million – the last coupon payment). Kiev offered Moscow a debt restructuring with commercial creditors terms, Russia this option to discuss refused, insisting on the sovereign nature of the debt.

The debt had to be repaid until 1 January 2016. However, in December 2015 Ukraine imposed a moratorium on the servicing of this debt and until 1 January 2016 to make a payment in a total amount of $3,075 billion on account of repayment and service belonging to the Russian Eurobonds.

17 February 2016 the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation filed in London’s High court the claim about collecting of debts for Eurobonds. Court 29 March 2017 approved expedited consideration of the lawsuit, effectively rejecting the basic objections of Ukraine and agreeing with its obligations under the Eurobonds. In its decision the court obliged Ukraine to pay Russia the nominal value of Eurobonds for $3 billion, the amount of cancelled coupon payments on $75 million and penalty interest in the amount of $674 thousand for each day of delay and part of the expenditures under consideration.

Ukraine in September 2017 paid recoverable costs and expenses: company The Law Debenture Corporation, representing as principal (trusts) the interests of the Russian Federation as a single owner of the bonds of Ukraine with a nominal value of $3 billion, then confirmed receipt from Ukraine payment in the amount of 1.16 million pounds.

The English appeal court decision of 14 September 2018 sent on new consideration to the first instance decision it has demanded from Russia to return the Ukraine to November 9, 2018 previously paid legal costs.

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