Russia revoked license of Ukraine on mineral resources in Crimea

РФ аннулировала лицензии Украины на недра в Крыму

All Ukrainian license for subsoil use in the Crimea will be void

The new Russian law States that all Ukrainian license issued prior to the annexation of the Peninsula in 2014, will be void.

In Russia came into force a law according to which in annexed Crimea, cease, Ukrainian license for subsoil use, and also introduces a new order of their registration. About it reports TASS.

It is noted that the right to use subsoil plots located in the Black and Azov seas, will be provided by the government of the Russian Federation adopted according to the results of the auction.

It is also stated that the new law establishes the same rules for the granting of licenses in the annexed Crimea, which already operate on the territory of Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the so-called Crimean authorities transferred to the Federal property of the Russian Federation the last two plots on the island of Tuzla, which still remained in the municipal property of Kerch.

In Russia opened a case against the constitutional court of Ukraine

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