Russia – sanctions-Ukraine – praise. The EU Summit

РФ - санкции, Украине - похвала. Саммит Евросоюза

The EU leaders at the summit in Brussels decided to extend economic sanctions against Russia for another six months.

In Brussels launched the summit, where EU leaders discuss two basic topic – the incident in the Kerch Strait and an exit of Britain from the EU.

In the draft of the final statement on the sea of Azov on new sanctions against Russia are not mentioned, however, the summit adopted the decision on their extension for another six months.

On the eve of the European Parliament adopted its first report on the Association Agreement of Ukraine with the EU. The resolution said about the great progress of Ukraine and condemned the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The extension of sanctions against Russia

The EU leaders at the summit in Brussels, which began on 13 December, decided to extend economic sanctions against Russia.

“Decision: the EC unanimously extended the economic sanctions against Russia, given the zero progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements”, – said the head of the European Council Donald Tusk on Twitter.

Russian media reported that the restrictive measures extended to the standard period of six months. After completion of the formal procedure, which will take place in the coming weeks, the decision will be published in the Official journal of the European Union and will enter into force.

In late November, Tusk said that the extension of sanctions is also associated with the capture of Ukrainian ships and sailors by special services of Russia in the Kerch Strait. Recall that the boats are in Kerch. Sailors arrested by the decision of the Kyiv district court of Simferopol.

РФ - санкции, Украине - похвала. Саммит Евросоюза
EU summit / EPA

For sanctions in connection with this incident played in the US and the Baltic States, as well as a separate policy in the European Union, but Germany and France did not support this initiative.

Pain and penalties. The West argues about the answer in Azov

Also note that the head of the EU diplomacy Federica Mogherini upon arrival at the two-day meeting in Brussels said that it is expected a decision about providing additional assistance to Ukraine.

“I expect that the summit will reaffirm not only our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and a strong policy of non-recognition of Crimea, but a very significant package of assistance that we have and which we are willing to step up,” said Mogherini.

The European Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management Christos stylianides said that the EU has allocated four million euros of humanitarian aid for Donbass.

For that praised Ukraine

On 12 December the European Parliament adopted its first report on the implementation of the Association Agreement EU – Ukraine. For the resolution voted 433 deputies. Against was 105.

The permanent Rapporteur of the European Parliament on Ukraine Michael Gallery on the debate said that Ukraine makes great progress in carrying out reforms stipulated by the SA.

Mogherini also took part in the debate. She noted that “over the last five years and despite the very difficult conditions, Ukraine has made important reforms”.

The resolution States that Ukraine deserves “special praise” for reforms, particularly in energy, health care, pensions, education, public administration, decentralization, public procurement.

In the report, which MEPs adopted as a resolution also says about the failures of the authorities of Ukraine.

“The results of the reforms are too little felt by the citizens”, stressed the Rapporteur of the EP in Ukraine.

Prevent corruption and oligarchy

Corruption and the dominance of the oligarchs stand in the way of reform of Ukraine, said at the debate the Green party. In the European people’s party also noted that the fight against corruption and the creation of an independent judiciary requires great effort.

Social Democrat Joachim Schuster believes that the fight against corruption has not stalled because of the military conflict of Ukraine with Russia, but because of the “rule of the oligarchs – which include the President Poroshenko”.

However, the liberal Petras Austrevicius “inspired” by the fact that “the European transformation of the Ukrainian state reached the point of no return.”

He is confident that the historic event, the fight against corruption and judicial reform will show results.


Three priorities and EU membership

The main priorities of Ukraine should be the fight against corruption, decentralization and the “historic event”, the resolution says.

At the same time, Ukraine was criticized for the lack of results of the investigation of the murder of activists on the Maidan, in Odessa, as well as journalists.

The resolution also States that Ukraine has a European perspective and may apply for EU membership, when will meet all the criteria.

To close ports to ships of the Russian Federation

The resolution “strongly condemns the act of aggression of the Russian Federation” in the Kerch Strait. During the debate a number of MEPs called on the Russian authorities to release Ukrainian sailors, so they could celebrate New year’s eve and Christmas at home.

The document also called for additional sanctions against Russia in case Ukrainian sailors, which “should be treated as prisoners of war”, not free or the conflict will worsen.

In addition, the resolution added the call to close for Russian ships from the Azov sea access to the ports of the European Union, if Moscow will block navigation on Kerch Strait.

On such measures previously said Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer – the successor of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Detail in the material Merkel goes: what can be expected from its successor.

Note that the European Parliament does not affect the procedure for the imposition of sanctions by the European Union.


The condemnation of the Nord stream-2

A separate paragraph in the text of the resolution of the European Parliament dedicated to the project of gas pipeline Nord stream-2. It says that Ukraine plays a crucial role in European energy supply system.

And because the deputies of the European Parliament condemn the construction of Nord stream, which will bypass Ukraine.

It is noted that this pipeline is a political project and poses a threat to European energy security.

The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on 11 December, also adopted a resolution which stated that the Nord stream-2 will reduce European energy security.


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