Russia shooting Ukraine a way to dispose of old ammunition

В России назвали стрельбы Украины способом утилизации старых боеприпасов

Missile firing of the APU in the Kherson region

The source said that on the eve of all 16 missiles exploded at a distance of direct visibility from the start.

Missile fire Armed forces of Ukraine did not require the closure of the area for flights to the Black sea, since the distance of the missile flight was short. This writes Interfax, citing a representative of power structures of the Crimea familiar with the situation.

According to the interlocutor of Agency, December 1, APU made on the land polygon 16 missile launches using the s-300. The distance of flight of the missiles were short, and all the ammunition exploded over land at a distance of direct visibility from the start. The airspace over the Black sea for firing practice were not used.

“A large number of similar launches into short range suggests that the shooting became a kind of a way to dispose of outdated ammunition,” the source said and added that the missile firing with such parameters was not required to close the no-fly zone in the Black sea.

He also added that the air defense forces in Crimea continue to be in a state of readiness because of the teachings of the Ukrainian military continue, and already there were cases, when “the rocket flew the wrong way”.

“All can be operator error, wrong trigger outdated equipment,” – said the source.

Missile firing near the Crimea: online

As reported Корреспондент.net, the aviation of Ukraine to work out the bumps in the region of Crimea. Rockets will home exclusively on a notional target in the airspace of Ukraine and over the high seas.

Yesterday the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak declared that Ukraine did not intend to shoot in the Crimea in case of application by Russia of a missile strike during firing exercises over the Black sea.

“No (not planning to attack Crimea). We have no such weapons to shoot on the Crimea” – said the Minister.

Missile firing over the Crimea

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