Russia stops production of the an-148 – media

Россия прекращает производство Ан-148 - СМИ

Russian factory completes the last two of the liner.

Russia ceases production of passenger aircraft An-148 of Ukrainian development. About it writes RIA Novosti citing a source in the Russian aviation industry.

The release liner will stop after the completion of the last two cars on the Voronezh aircraft building Association.

“Great interest was to the An-148, which was done in Voronezh. Interest was shown by both civil airlines and the defense Ministry In Voronezh to finish the last couple of cars and then the fate of cars in Russia will not develop,” said the source.

The Agency notes that earlier official representative of state enterprise Antonov told about a complete replacement of Russian components.

May 28 in Russia passed the first test flight of the Russian airliner MS-21, which was moved from December 2016.

Russia is positioning the MS-21 aircraft as a future competitor to Western Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. The liner is able to carry up to 210 passengers.

Recall that the new An-132 Ukraine built without Russian parts.

An-148 – short-haul passenger aircraft developed by the Ukrainian Antonov can no intermediate landings to fly a range of two to five thousand kilometers and is adapted for landing on unpaved airfields.

The cruise speed is 800-870 km per hour. Regional aircraft An-148 Voronezh aircraft factory from 2009 to exploit Russian airlines, SLO Russia, the Hangar, the flight units of the Ministry and the defense Ministry.