Russia supplies products for the defense industry in Ukraine – media

РФ поставляет продукцию для оборонки Украины - СМИ

Ukraine buys products for the defense industry from Russian producers

Ukrinmash allegedly bought the track for military vehicles and engines for Russian-made BTR 70.

State firm Ukrinmash, a part of the Ukroboronprom concern, buys the products of Russian producers through the British intermediaries, according to a story Classtwo.nfo.

According to journalists, Ukrinmash bought track for military vehicles and engines for Russian-made BTR 70. And the supplier was made by a British firm Rion Assets Company LTD.

Director of the British supplier of Ukrinmash was a citizen of Seychelles Selma Francis.

“It is significant that the Bank account Assets Rion Company LTD opened in Latvia. It has become common practice when companies are seen in different types of transactions and the laundering of funds use the services of Latvian banks”, – stated in the story.

The real individuals behind Rion Assets Limited LTD, reporters found in Kiev. In the negotiations with the British firm Ukrinmash was represented by the resident of the capital.

“Ukrinmash power of attorney of the representative of the British company, has not caused, nor caused issues that the official correspondence address of an international company with Albion, in discussions with Energoatom was provided to the Kiev apartment (Darnitskiy Bulvar, 3A)”, – stated in the investigation.

According to the documents publication, for the purchase of the crawler tracks of the Ukrainian company spent 121 $ 200 for 20 units, or $ 6060 per share. For the purchase of engines for armored personnel carriers was spent 160 000 $ 20 units, that is $ 8,000 apiece.

“However, the average price for these engines is about 2, maximum 3 thousand dollars, which is almost four times cheaper that the Ukrinmash bought British strip”, – stated in the story.

As you know, in 2014, President Petro Poroshenko banned cooperation with Russia in the military sphere.

Then it was reported that the gap cooperation with the defense industry of Ukraine will cost Russia 33 billion.