Russia two months were preparing an operation to kidnap guards – media

Россия два месяца готовила операцию по похищению пограничников – СМИ

The kidnapping of Ukrainian border guards Bogdan Marcona and Igor, Zubaka – organized operation of the Russians

Ukrainian border guards were allegedly abducted on purpose.

The abduction of two Ukrainian border guards Bogdan Marcona and Igor, Zubaka – operation of the Russians for further exchange. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda with reference to the sources.

It is noted that in the two months before the disappearance Marcona and Jubaka the Ukrainian side recorded the negotiations of the Russians, where the task was to detain two Ukrainian border guards.

This fact suggests the law enforcement agencies to the idea that the Ukrainian border guards were kidnapped on purpose, likely for exchange.

As stated by the representative of state frontier service Oleg Slobodyan, near the car border guards that remained near the border, in two places, found the trampled grass, indicating that there was an ambush.

Also Slobodyan noted that Marconi and Dzyubak were near the border because he completed the task.

“The border is guarded around the clock. Marconi and Dzyubak are representatives of the command of the Department. We can say that they have completed the task, an adequate record of the monitoring is. They can do this at any time. But what prompted them to be in the place we do not know”, – he said.

As reported Корреспондент.netduring the monitoring of the border in the Sumy region lost two border guards.

Soon the Russian border guard service started to deny any involvement in their detention.

After some time, the Russian side confirmed the arrest of guards of Ukraine.