Russia wants to disqualify from the world biathlon

Россию хотят дисквалифицировать из мирового биатлона

Shipulin, Fourcade and Svendsen

The leaders of the men’s biathlon Martin Fourcade, Emil Hegle Svendsen and Johannes boe reacted sharply to the news that many Russian athletes were suspected of doping.

The leader of the world biathlon Martin Fourcade said: “If not appropriate action will be taken against the Russian biathletes, I will urge my colleagues to refuse from participation in competitions”.

However, the French still hoped that so far to go don’t have: “I believe that IBU has sufficient evidence. Russia should not participate in the competition”.

So the athlete commented on the recent scandal, when Anders Besseberg, President of IBU, has accused 31 Russian biathlete doping. The organization demands to exclude Russia from all possible competitions in biathlon.

Norwegian biathlete Johannes boe said: “These events are very dramatic. I believe that the ban for Russia to participate in the competition fair, only if the evidence is really serious.” He also said: “the Situation is similar to bobsleigh, where Russia had recently lost the right to hold the championship of the world.”

Not all athletes agree with such severity. Russian biathlete Anton Shipulin said: “Very strictly to exclude the whole country. The more IBU there is no evidence, we have seen the report of the Set of McLaren, but have not seen the evidence of this prosecution.”

Emil Hegle Svendsen of Norway supported the proposal Fourcade: “We can not deal with scammers. IBU should be an example and not to allow the Russians to the competition. I’m sorry, but I would support the boycott”.

In an interview with channel “Match TV” Norway said “If all the allegations of doping are true, this will be a great shame not only for Russia but for the whole biathlon in General. But I do not believe that the Russian athletes were doping, until evidence. No start can be cancelled until proof appears. We are good friends with Shipulin, I like to play in Russia. Tyumen and Khanty-Mansiysk is one of my favorite places.”

Yesterday Emil Hegle Svendsen took 3rd place in the sprint in Nove mesto, losing only 6 seconds to Martin Fourcade. In an interview with NRK Emil said he was very disappointed with his last shot, which he smeared. Svendsen was close to winning, he was just a few seconds to beat Fourcade. The Norwegian commentators said: “the Important thing is that Emil learned the lesson and back in the saddle”. The second place in the sprint got just Shipulin, who lost only 1.6 Fourcade.

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