Russia wants to resume relations with Turkey, but only after an apology – Putin

РФ хочет возобновить отношения с Турцией, но только после извинений, - Путин

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia wants to restore relations with Turkey, despite the incident with su-24, RIA “Novosti”.

Putin noted that Russia is fighting in Syria not against regular armies, but against terrorist groups.

“And, of course, we did not think to think about the fact that the Turkish fighter jet can strike a blow at our unprotected for the fighter bomber. We’re not going to fight with Turkey and with the Turkish armed forces. Otherwise, we would have acted differently and by other means. I hope this will never come”, he said.

According to him, Russia is not heard an apology to Turkey, as well as statements about the readiness to repair the damage.

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“We hear statements about the desire to renew (the relationship). We also want to get back together. We are not them destroyed. Why this was done, I still don’t know”, — he added.

The President also said that in addition to statements on Ankara’s desire to resume the relationship, you need something to do.

Recall, 24 November, the Turkish military shot down a Russian su-24 bomber. The plane crashed in the Syrian province of Latakia, where there is active fighting forces of the Syrian government and the rebels. It is noted that the relationship with the surviving pilot was recovered after the search, which lasted six hours. Syrian special forces two hours the output of the pilot from the rear of the militants.

The Russian side said that the su-24 did not cross the border of Turkey and acted solely on targets in Syria.

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In turn, Turkey insists that, according to their radars on Russian aircraft 4 km dug in the territory of the country. Moreover, the plane ten times in five minutes was warned that he violated the airspace, and then knocked. The same evening, the defense Ministry reported that one pilot was killed.

Later in Syria was shot down a Russian helicopter, which was involved in search and rescue missions, resulting in the death of a contractor.

In connection with the incident, Russian General staff, has said it will close contacts with Turkey on the military side, and the Russian tour operators have banned the sale of tours to Turkey. Also Russia may withdraw from the joint projects with Turkey because of this event.