Russia will continue to supply rocket engines to the U.S.

Россия продолжит поставлять ракетные двигатели в США

The US is buying Russian RD-180 engines for missiles Atlas V

Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov compared the decline in exports to the United States with a shot in the leg.

Russia will symmetrically respond to US sanctions against individuals and businesses, but has no plans to stop supplying rocket engines for the American space program.

About this said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, August 23.

According to the diplomat, Moscow does not act to the detriment of their interests.

“No ideas from the category to curtail the supply of rocket engines for the American space program or aviation titanium, produced in collaboration with Boeing company, or other positions in our exports to the US should not be considered as options. Because that would be tantamount to a shot in the leg,” – said Ryabkov.

Earlier, the Russian Senator Sergei Ryabukhin said that Russia may limit the supply of rocket engines that are used by United Launch Alliance (ULA) in the first stage of the rocket Atlas V. it is noted that a possible response to U.S. plans to impose sanctions because of the case Skrobala.

In 1997, Moscow and Washington concluded an agreement for almost $1 billion on the supply of 101 RD-180 engine. A year and a half ago, the US Congress imposed a ban on their use after 2019, but then canceled it when it became clear that its engines over the next three years in the United States will not be created. Immediately after that, the consortium Alliаnce United Launch (ULA) ordered from NPO Energomash an additional 20 RD-180.

We will remind, on Wednesday, August 22, began the first phase of US sanctions against Russia, which were imposed because of the case Skrobala. Restrictions will apply to the ban on the export of technology that could be used for military purposes, and not directed directly against a company.

According to media reports, under the ban can get gas turbines, electronic equipment used in industry.

The second phase of the sanctions will be imposed, if Russia does not fulfill the requirements associated with the termination of the use of chemical weapons.

In turn, the Russian foreign Ministry said that the United States are on the path of further deterioration of bilateral relations, and promised mirrored measures.

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