Russia will respond to the initiative Turchynov biometric passports

РФ ответит на инициативу Турчинова по биопаспортам

In Russia believe that the complexity of entry is more affected Ukrainians.

The head of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov suggested to respond to the increasing complexity of the Russians entry into Ukraine.

Thus he commented on the statement of the head of the national security Council Alexander Troinova, who said that the Russians entry into Ukraine will collect biometric data.

“Russia needs the mirror to answer the complication of entry Ross.citizens in Ukraine, Turchynov declared. Ukraine will pay a higher price for it,” – wrote Pushkov in Twitter.

As you know, on June 24, Turchynov said that Russian citizens crossing the border with Ukraine will collect biometric data.

He also stressed that Ukraine needs to introduce a visa regime for Russian citizens.