Russia will to produce shale oil in the Arctic

Россия будет добывать сланцевую нефть в Арктике

The Bazhenov formation contains about 18-60 billion tons of oil.

Russia creates technologies of hydraulic fracturing and shale oil production in the permafrost in Western Siberia and on the Arctic ocean in the Arctic. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the Director of the Engineering center MIPT Timur, Tavberidze.

He assured that the new technology will meet all environmental regulations, but first “we need to understand what happens to a liquid when driving through warm and cold layers of rocks at the bottom of the sea.”

“Now we are working on creating algorithms that would allow it to calculate,” – said the scientist.

Tavberidze noted that Russia intends to develop the so-called Bazhenov formation oil shale, a giant reservoir which is formed on the bottom of the sea on the site of the modern Western Siberia in the late Jurassic period.

According to experts, these rocks contain about 18-60 billion tons of oil.

It is reported that Russian geologists and engineers “create improved analogues of Western technology of hydraulic fracturing, adapted for use in Arctic climates and allows you to extract hydrocarbons from oil shale with minimal cost of resources.”

It is planned that by 2025, Russia will produce 10 million tonnes, “the Bazhenov oil”.

As reported Корреспондент.netin 2016 in Russia was opened 40 oil and gas fields. According to preliminary data, the growth of liquid hydrocarbon reserves (oil + condensate) should be 575 million tonnes and gas (free gas of gas caps) – 702 billion cubic meters.