Russian actor refused to go to the Crimea, “while Ukrainians do not exhale”

Российский актер отказался ехать в Крым, "пока украинцы не выдохнут"

Actor Yefremov refused to travel to Crimea

Mikhail Efremov decided not to go on shooting to the occupied Crimea.

Russian actor Mikhail Efremov decided not to go for shooting in occupied Crimea, not to get a ban on entry to Ukraine. He said this during an interview with TV channel Rain.

So, the host asked the actor whether he would go to the Crimea if the new project will include shooting on the Peninsula.

“I will refuse”, – Yefremov said, adding that otherwise he was forbidden entry to Ukraine.

“I’ll wait after all, while Ukrainians exhale or something…” – said the actor.

Earlier, a politician from Germany called Crimea primordially Russian.