Russian ATMs were attacked the new virus

В России банкоматы атаковал новый вирус

Most banks in Russia under threat

The virus “sets” ATM on the results of all the large bills to those who scored a certain code.

In Russia there is a new virus that allows hackers to extract cash and bypass the Bank accounts, according to Kommersant.

A new method of attack was described in a special letter to the Central Bank, sent out to market participants. According to sources, the virus is in memory of the ATM, not having the form of a file. So it can’t detect an antivirus program.

With the introduction of a special code virus gives money from the cassette, which are the largest denominations (usually in denominations of one or five thousand rubles, up to 40 pieces).

Such programs have appeared abroad in Russian ATMs he noticed for the first time. Is threatened the majority of the devices in Russian Federation as they work with the Windows operating system.

Experts still have not found a simple and effective way of dealing with new virus. It does not affect the database with customer accounts, so, experts believe that small banks will be easier to insure cash than to improve the ways of protection. This will stimulate the crooks to continue to spread the new virus.

As reported Корреспондент.netin November of 2016, hackers attacked ATMs in ten countries – Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain. The amount of financial losses was not disclosed.

In Kiev from ATM stole nearly 500 thousand hryvnias