Russian convoy crossed the Ukrainian border

Российский гумконвой пересек украинскую границу

Russian 51st humanitarian convoy crossed the Ukrainian border. This reports the press service of the emergencies Ministry of the Russian Federation.

“The convoy of the EMERCOM of Russia with humanitarian aid for Donbass crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border. The route to the checkpoints passed without delay, unforeseen situations in ways not happened”, – stated in the message.

A convoy of 100 vehicles was divided into two parts. One of them arrived at the checkpoint “Donetsk”, the second “Matveyev-Kurgan”.

In the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation declare that all the activities on the checkpoints was carried out in the presence of representatives of customs and border services of Ukraine.

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The Department also said that the cars were stopped at a checkpoint with an open rear canopy body.

Total cargo weight of about 1200 tons.

It is reported that on Donbass carry food, daily necessities, medicines, fire-technical property, artistic and educational literature.

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We will note that representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and security forces have repeatedly stated that under the guise of “humanitarian convoys,” the command of the Russian Federation gives the Russian soldiers and mercenaries of fuels and lubricants, new machinery, as well as weapons and ammunition, and takes back the dead bodies of militants.